System Requirements

Operating Systems

  • Windows (XP,Vista,Windows7,Windows8,Windows8.1)
  • Mac OSX (Leopard 10.5, Snow Leopard 10.6, Lion 10.7, MountainLion 10.8 and Mavericks 10.9, Yosemite 10.10)
  • Linux

  • If you update your operating system to a new version you may need to update DNADynamo to a new version
    Download and install DNADynamo updates from the download link provided when you purchased the software license or by using the DNADynamo 'File' -> 'Check for Updates' option


  • DNADynamo requires that a Java Runtime is installed on your computer

  • On 64 bit Windows - DNADynamo requires you have a 32 Bit JAVA Runtime installed

For Windows and OSX, you can download the latest JAVA runtimes from (currently JAVA8)

For OSX, you can download the legacy Java SE 6 runtime here ->

On OSX, your choice of which JAVA version to use (legacy SE6 or 7/8) may depend on other JAVA dependent apps that you run, and whether they depend on the legacy Java SE 6, or not

If you have previously bought a license for DNADynamo that runs on the legacy Java SE 6 runtime, and now want to run DNADynamo on OSX running JAVA7 or JAVA8, email us for a download link for the DNADynamo JAVA7/8 version or simply replace the letters 'OSX' in your download link with the letters 'OSXJ7

If you update OSX (eg to OSX Mavericks/Yosemite) and DNADynamo no longer starts, try updating DNADynamo (from the download links supplied when you purchased the software - or email us for a reminder or for a link to DNADynamo versions that run on JAVA7 and JAVA8)

DNADynamo is not licensed to run in 'virtual machines' or 'hypervisors'

DNADynamo versions issued before 15/01/07 are not compatible with Suns JRE 1.5.0_10 (update10) or subsequent JAVA updates. See here for more information