• You can buy licenses for DNADynamo on-line with a credit card, by purchase order, - or by wire transfer to BlueTractorSoftware Ltd.
  • We reserve the right to request payment in advance

COMMERCIAL PRICING For Research Companies     
A license for one registered computer (#00111)

399 (Euro)

$520 (USD)

A license for four registered computers (#00114)

1299 (Euro)

$1699 (USD)











Your payment details (credit card numbers etc) are handled by the payment processors, not byBlueTractorSoftware. The payment processors accept various currencies including - Pounds Sterling, Euro, US Dollars, Yen, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar. You may pay in any currency but charges may apply for currency exchange. When you pay, the payment processor handles the conversion for you. Exchange is calculated on the fly by Element5/Share*It. For a guide try 'BuyNow' purchases are subject to verification and are processed during UK business hours.

Prices and availablilty of DNADynamo licenses are subject to change without notice.

Registered Computers - DNADynamo licenses allow you to run the licensed software on the designated number of registered computers. Registered computers can be a mix of Windows PCs, OS Xs and Linux. Updates for DNADynamo software are free. We have a 'Fair Use' policy with regard to registered computers - enabling you to request an updated license KEY for a replacement computer - the intention is to allow you to install DNA Dynamo on another computer if your old computer breaks down or you upgrade to a new computer, within five years of purchasing a license for the software

Email for more details.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Q - What happens when I buy on line with a credit card

The BuyNow buttons allow you to pay for DNA Dynamo by credit/debit card. Part of the payment process involves entering your email address. After you have completed the transaction we will email you a download link for the licensed software and a license KEY to activate the software.

If you are unsure about anything, email and we will try and help.

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