BLUE TRACTOR SOFTWARE Ltd is a UK software development company and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) registered under the Companies Act in England and Wales (Company Number 5195315) and based in North Wales.

Our DNADynamo software has been designed by molecular biologists with years of experience both at the bench sub-cloning and supervising others as they learn molecular biology techniques. Every aspect of the DNADynamo user-interface has been geared to suit what is best for the user.

DNADynamo has been subjected to several years beta testing in UK labs, during which time the software has been redesigned at the direct suggestion of real users, the PhD students, Post-docs and Principle Investigators who have used the software on a daily basis to plan their subcloning experiments, analyse their sequencing data, and manage their projects.

During this time, we introduced an option in the program to allow users to directly send us feedback on the program while actually using it. By selecting 'I'm Annoyed' from the file menu, users can immediately enter any comments they have and send them over the internet to us at Blue Tractor Software. The function proved so useful that we have left it enabled in our software for all our users to comment and contribute to the development process.

You may sometimes see DNADynamo software referred to as DNACowboy, which was the projects name during development. Some of our oldest users still prefer the 'Cowboy' name, and we provide them with the appropriately illustrated software.

We are committed to providing a high level of customer support, both to demo users and licensed users both now and in the future. Emails to are answered as quickly as we can. If you have any questions, email us now !