GetDynamo registration software

You can use the GetDynamo registration software to register your license agreement and computer for DNADynamo. Registration is required for purchasing a DNADynamo license. Each computer that licensed DNADynamo software is to be run on must be registered. You buy a license that entitles you to run the software on the designated number of registered computers. If you would like to try DNADynamo without registering, you can directly download a DNADynamo demo that you can use for 45 days for evaluation purposes.


Download GetDynamo





  • GetDynamo requires JAVA 1.4.1 or later to run. If your computer doesn't already have JAVA installed, visit our System Requirements page for details on how to install JAVA.
  • If you have any problems downloading or running GetDynamo from our web page, email

About DNADynamo Licenses and Registered Computers.

We distribute the licensed DNADynamo software by email. The licensed DNADynamo software runs only on computers on which a DNADynamo license agreement has been accepted and registered with us. The GetDynamo program allows you to register your computer with us for DNADynamo software. You will be notified by email when your registration has been processed

Privacy Statement - Your email address and license details will only be used by BlueTractorSoftware to supply you with our software. They will not be given to any third party or used in any other fashion.

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