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'I have analysed now about 150 sequences with your demo-software and really appreciated it. Your software is easy to understand and user-friendly.' SB, Eidg. Forschungsanstalt WSL

'we have been extremely pleased with the DNA Dynamo demo software. I've had the opportunity to use several different types of DNA analysis software, and for general ease of use coupled with the amount of features available (most importantly the very nice sequencing alignment functions), DNA Dynamo comes out on top' MK, University of Cambridge, UK

'Thank you for sending DynamoDemo. In terms of its function, Dynamo is the best software I have ever used for molecular biology. Excellent work!' H.T. National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan


DNADynamo Installation instructions (see also the installation instructions included in the download)

the links above download a .zip file to your browsers download folder - your operating system may unzip the folder for you automatically

For Windows - run the downloaded setup installer

For OSX - drag the downloaded DNADynamo application to your Applications Folder

  • note that a different version of DNADynamo is required depending on whether you want to use the legacy JAVA SE6 or newer JAVA7/8 to run DNADynamo

For Linux - place the DNADynamo folder in a convenient location in your filesystem

JAVA installation instructions

DNADynamo also requires that a Java Runtime is installed on your computer

If you don't already have JAVA installed on your computer, follow these instructions...

For Windows and OSX, you can download and install the latest JAVA runtimes from (currently JAVA8)

On 64 bit Windows - DNADynamo requires you have a 32 Bit JAVA Runtime installed

For OSX, you can download the legacy Java SE 6 runtime here ->

On OSX, your choice of which JAVA version to use (legacy SE6 or 7/8) may depend on other JAVA dependent apps that you run, and whether they depend on the legacy Java SE 6, or not

see the System Requirements page for additional information

  • If you have any problems downloading or running DNADynamo from our web page, email

  • About the free DNADynamo demo

    You'll only appreciate why people find DNADynamo software so useful by using the dna software on your own sequences.

    • When your DNADynamo demo is installed, you may like to look at our Getting Started with DNADynamo page, or our Analysing Sequencing Data page, for some tips on using DNADynamo.

    • The trial runs for 45 days, if you wish to keep using this DNA Software after the evaluation has expired you need to purchase a license for the software.

    • If you've already purchased a license for DNADynamo, and you're looking for updates, information is available on the updates page.

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