DNA Dynamo software features

sequence navigation and restriction site analysis


Genbank accession U52953 representing 'HIV-1 92BR025 from Brazil, complete genome' was imported into DNADynamo and a features map displayed. Features may be selected and/or set as the ORF. Multi-partite (spliced) features may be 'joined' and opened in a new window. The sequence display is set to 'translated mode' and is illustrating the start of the 'vif' gene, together with a selected oligo.


abi/scf chromatogram sequence alignment and editing

Editable sequence alignments in the upper display area are linked to chromatogram data in the lower display area. A graphic map allows easy visualization of sequencing discrepancies while the 'guide' sequence is translated and illustrates annotations and oligos selected from the 'features' map

searchable vector data, maps and virtual subcloning

DNA Dynamo's vector box describes DNA sequences in terms of vector elements such as MCSs, promoters, drug resistance genes etc making it easy to search for a vector with the properties you require and plan subcloning projects with the drag and drop virtual subcloning tool. Vectors may be imported directly from Genbank files or described manually.The vector box allows quick access to a vectors notes, which may contain image data such as maps or diagrams obtained from other sources (eg the vector suppliers map). The box contains a search function that allows you to search for vector with MCSs containing a specific order of restriction sites


Additional Features

  • Oligo Editor and Database
  • Integrated web BLAST search and annotation
  • Annotated multiple sequence alignment via the DNADynamo ClustalW interface
  • Pattern Searching
  • Support for demo and licensed users - we answers all your questions as rapidly as we can
more information on DNA Dynamo software features and functions is available on the Getting Started with DNA Dynamo page, and the Analysing Sequencing Data page,

DNA Dynamo software is available for OSX, Windows and Linux. Files created on one operating system are compatible with other operating systems, making DNA Dynamo an ideal choice for mixed operating system environments.

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